Let us ask you a question… When was the last time you paid attention to your gutters? Most homeowners would answer that they could no longer remember. Gutters are not something you think of on a daily basis. You deal with other kinds of stuff in your life, and gutters take a back seat!

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But why care about gutter cleaning, anyway? Here are four important reasons:

Prevents Roofing Damage.

Debris that clog your gutters are the reason why water overflows when it rains. Water soaks your roofing material, leading to rot. Gutters are there to lead water away from the roof.

Avoids Loosened Gutters.

old gutters breaking down

Heavy rains and debris bear weight on your gutters.

The weight of the leaves and water combined is too much for your gutters. If you don’t remove the debris, soon enough the gutters will sag. Now you deal with a gutter repair or replacement.

Protect Your Landscape.

Overflowing gutters render your landscaping efforts useless. Preventing soil erosion to keep your property beautiful is easy. Just keep the gutters clean!

Saves You Money. 

You may not think about the impact of dirty and clogged gutters on your finances. But yes, once your gutters break down, you have no choice but to pay for bigger repairs. Maintenance prolongs the life of your materials. What other way to get a high ROI?

One can only imagine the consequences of neglect. Neglecting maintenance creates a chain reaction which you want to avoid! Be a proactive homeowner.

The Big Question: When Should You Clean out Your Gutters?

autumn leaves on rooftop

When should you clean out your gutters? Do it at least twice a year – during spring and fall.

Realistically speaking, nobody has the time and energy to clean gutters every single day. Timing is important to maximize the activity. So the big question… when should you clean out your gutters?

Gutter cleaning should be done twice a year. What are these two occasions? (1) Spring (2) Fall. Spring and fall are two seasons to clean the gutters. If you’re wondering WHY, below are explanations…

Spring Gutter Cleaning

People busy themselves with home maintenance during spring. And while this happens, still, they forget the gutters. Spring makes an ideal time because the winter and spring storms carry twigs, leaves, and other small particles. This is especially true if you live in a home that’s surrounded by trees.

Cleaning also gets rid of ice dams that remain trapped in your gutters. Before ice dams damage your roof, clear them.

Fall Gutter Cleaning

During the fall season, the leaves start to change their color. Soon enough, they’ll get blown away and end up in the gutters. Summer comes before fall and summer storms carry rain and debris. Again, imagine the gutters filling up with leaves. This makes it difficult for water to adequately drain.

Another important reason for fall gutter cleaning is that it prepares your home for the winter. Winter is coming! When snow falls, you don’t want your gutters to break. So, be sure to clean out the gutters.

Don’t Forget Gutter Cleaning Following a Bad Weather

Heavy rains and storms are hard on the roof. In such times, expect that your gutters will be filled. After a bad weather, call a professional to do cleaning and also an inspection.

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions will be there when you need immediate attention. We won’t just clean the gutters, we also check for signs of damage. For example, dents, loose sections, leaks, and more.

How to Clean the Gutters

Now you know when should you clean out your gutters. Maybe you’re interested in some gutter cleaning hacks. A homeowner like you may not have a background in gutter maintenance, so it’s best to choose a roofing professional for the job.

But to give you an idea on how it’s done, here are 3 simple gutter cleaning tips:

1. Use a strong and secure ladder.

Before anything else, put safety in mind. Ladder safety is of utmost importance. If you have a single-story home, a four-legged step ladder is good. If your place is taller, use an extension ladder. Avoid a wooden ladder because it may make it hard for you to balance. Instead, choose a fiberglass ladder.

2. Wear gloves, goggles, and rubber-soled shoes.

yellow and black gloves and goggles

Practice safety at all times! Gutter cleaning requires a pair of work gloves and safety goggles.

Protection is essential for a smooth-sailing gutter cleaning job. Put on durable work gloves to avoid hand injuries and goggles for eye protection. Rubber soled shoes are another option if you need to go up the roof.

3. Scoop out bigger debris with a gutter scoop. Flush out the system with a garden hose.

Since your gutters are probably filled with small and large materials, use a gutter scoop and garden hose. Choose a gutter scoop that’s made of plastic. Metal tends to leave scratches on the gutter material so better avoid it. Dump the leaves and twigs in a bucket.

Rinse the remaining debris using a garden hose. Flush the entire length of the gutter with the nozzle pointing towards the upper end of the downspout. This ensures that water drains through the downspout.

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Should You Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

Because some homes are tall, and gutter cleaning itself can be RISKY, it’s best to hire a roofing contractor. We caution against do-it-yourself jobs because of the dangers they present.

when should you clean out your gutters

Hire a professional roofing company to clean your gutters.

Several factors make gutter maintenance dangerous. These include strong winds, poor eyesight and balance problems, low-quality cleaning materials, and the lack of experience.

We had a customer years back who told us that he broke his wrist after falling off the ladder. After watching a YouTube video on gutter cleaning tricks, he said he was confident enough to do it.

Most often, we assume that we save more by doing a DIY job. But no. You do the work of purchasing your own materials. Professionals already have their own. You only pay for the labor which is at least twice a year.

Spend your free time relaxing, knowing your gutters are taken cared of!

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions Has Your Gutter Needs

If you need a reputable roofing company to take care of your gutters, we’re here to help. Amity Home Maintenance Solutions has over 35 years of experience in roofing. We’ve satisfied over 500 homeowners who recommend us for our exceptional workmanship.

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