The biggest question in most Branford homeowners is “what type of exterior paint finish is best for my home?”

If you ask any contractor, they will tell you the selection of colors is subjective. In fact, they will only refer you to typical exterior paint finishes if you ask whether flat, satin, or gloss is the best way to go about your needs.

This post aims to help you:

  • Know the basic exterior design principles for selecting the right exterior paint finish
  • Color moods
  • Exterior paint substance
  • Types of paint finishes
  • Pick the right exterior paint finish

Basic Exterior Design Principles

True enough, paint, colors, and textures are all design-related elements. Each part will affect the overall aesthetic of your property. To answer the question “what type of exterior paint finish is best for Branford neighborhoods?” you’ll need to know all about them.

In fact, the ideas behind your exterior paint finish textures and color combinations reflect your personality. Here are a few concepts to make sure it communicates your full intent.


If someone asked a professional designer what type of exterior paint finish is best, they will say it must create a good and pleasing texture.

Every material has different texture. For example, aluminum looks like an industrial or heavy-duty machine on its own. In fact, without paint, it looks dull and lifeless. However, combine it with a brick veneer siding and dormer windows, you’ll end up with a beautiful modern-style residential home.

The aesthetic and texture of the property changes when you replace your aluminum roof with metal shingles, wood, stucco, or even galvanized steel. Therefore, finding the right texture will make it easier to select the exterior paint finish that is perfect for your home.

In addition, make sure to have the right roofing contractor install your roof to prolong its lifespan and guarantee the best look for your property.

Color Combinations

Exterior paints have different colors. In fact, combined with the different types of finishes, they’ll exude a different aesthetic. For example, a combination of brown exterior paint with a flat finish gives you a traditional, earthy look.

In addition, different colors of roofing and residential elements such as gates, yards, and even your downspouts will affect the overall mood and color of your property.

Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to only use at least three to four color variations and shades. Anything more can make your property look too unnatural and over-colored.

What Type of Exterior Paint Finish is Best: Moods of Colors

The best way to answer what type of exterior paint finish is best for Branford neighborhoods is to consider the moods of colors.

Earlier, we discussed how color combinations affect the overall aesthetic of your property. True enough, color is the heart of both interior and exterior design. Therefore, understanding the moods exuded by colors is important to select the right paint color and exterior paint finish.

Here are some common residential property colors to start with.


White is a common color for residential properties. The color white exudes the color of cleanliness and sanitation. However, a too-bright shade of white for properties can make the property look and feel sterile.

However, if combined with darker colors, white can be great accents for exterior paints making it easier to select the right exterior paint finish for your property.


This is the color of log cabins and the earliest materials humanity has used to create homes over the years. Therefore, their color exudes a homey, cozy, and inviting vibe.

Brown is associated with warmth and is excellent to use for any property. Additionally, it makes it easier to select accents and the perfect exterior paint finish for your home.


While not a common choice especially for those who want to know what type of exterior paint finish is best, green is excellent for people looking for a house that is peaceful yet stands out for its personality.

Green symbolizes balance and harmony. A green-colored exterior home brings tranquility, healing, and peacefulness. However, it might saturate the green shade of your residence if you have a yard with plants or a front garden.

a commercial property with an ambiguous color

The strong personality of purple gives a relaxing and confident color that makes it a primary choice of commercial property owners too.


Purple symbolizes tranquility and peace. Additionally, it symbolizes healing and mystery. If you want to know what type of exterior paint finish is perfect to have a regal or a residence that stands out, then purple is the perfect color for your home.

If accented with bright colors such as white and yellow in different areas, houses with purple exterior paints show an inviting yet confident aesthetic for curbside passers.

The Substance of Your Exterior Paint

Anyone thinking about what type of exterior paint finish is best for their home will think that paint substance is out of the question. The truth is it matters by a mile.

Whether you use the best exterior paint brand, oil paint will differ from pastel paint. In fact, the entire exterior paint aesthetic changes.

Therefore, the exterior paint finish you choose will have a drastic effect on the final aesthetic of your home exterior.

  • Oil – A thicker and harder substance that is naturally glossy. In fact, you cannot choose flat or satin finishes using oil paints.
  • Emulsion – Oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsion paints have a naturally glossy finish. However, they have additional protective layers that introduce a continuous film on the surface of your exterior property.
  • Epoxy – This resin-based paint are glossy and shiny upon application which industrial and commercial properties use most often.
  • Latex – A milky-white liquid with a rubber and synthetic resin property. It can introduce a flat and satin glow without the visible thickness of oil paints.

Types of Exterior Paint Finishes

Some people ask whether exterior paint finish flat or satin is better. Additionally, some think of satin or semi gloss for exterior paint.

The truth is, there are three types of exterior paint finishes, which include the following:


These finishes are porous and will not reflect light. They create an excellent “natural” look for your property exterior. However, they get dirty fast.


This finish is not dull or shiny. However, it has a subtle sheen that creates a sophisticated aesthetic regardless of the color and material textures you have used in constructing your property.

latex satin exterior paint containers

Latex introduces a satin, semi-glossy finish for any property.


The typical paint finish in any property. However, too much use can make your house look plastic. Additionally, it is the most durable of the three.

Wrapping Up: Picking The Right Exterior Paint Finish

Permanent Elements

Unless you’re renovating your property completely, consider the elements of your home that will remain permanent as you re-coat your property. Look for undertones and warm and cold colors from these fixed elements and use them to your aesthetic advantage.

Architectural Style

Using bright color shades on a colonial-style home with dormer windows and a patio will make your property look like a Christmas decoration.

We suggest using ambiguous shades with vague hints of its original color. For example, using sky blue instead of a bright blue color is better because it introduces a different style and aesthetic.

Some paint and finish manufacturers offer historically-accurate colors that may suit the aesthetic you wish for your property to have.

Visual Effect

Lastly, the visual effect you intend for your home is most important. If you want it to stand out, you’ll need a finish that has some gloss and satin shades.

If you want it to stand out in a sophisticated and less-imposing manner, then you can use the porous flat finishes to your advantage too.

contractors applying glossy paint finish

Only use professional contractors to help paint your property and deal with anything home-construction related.

Whichever exterior paint finish you select, it is best you select an experienced contractor to apply the exterior paint as properly as possible and allow you to replace your roofs in case you need to upgrade your aesthetics to make the perfect home for your property.

Amity Home Maintenance Services is a decades-experienced roofing repair and replacement and an exterior paint finish contractor willing to help you achieve your dream home. Call us today and allow us to make your real estate dreams come true!