To build a deck or not is the decision of a homeowner. But if we were you, we’d consider installing an outdoor deck.

Why? What are the benefits of a decking? For a start, a deck is an ultimate solution if you want to extend your living space outside. Use that space for dining with your family, entertaining guests, and surrounding a pool. You can even make it a feature by placing potted plants. The ways are endless.

Before you tackle a decking project, the most important aspect you should be sure of is the material. There are various types of deck materials in the market. Each material has a unique set of features and benefits.

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We wouldn’t want you to regret your final choice, so we’ve put up a list. After discussing the types of deck materials, we’ll move on to some considerations. Let’s get started.

5 Types of Deck Materials

1. Cedar Decking

When hearing the word “cedar” one tends to associate it with class and elegance. True enough, cedar is a high-quality wood material that looks great and smells great. Time-tested, cedar decking comes in unique appearances – rustic and stained.

Wood cedar decking stands out when it comes to durability. In the event of damage, know that contractors repair them without difficulty. Do termites eat cedar wood? Yes, they do. However, termites get poisoned eventually and so they avoid cedar. The reason? Cedar contains a chemical that’s a natural repellant.

For environmentally-conscious homeowners, cedar decking performs outstandingly. Manufacturers source cedar decking materials from well-managed forests. Also, their manufacturing process doesn’t release toxins to the environment.

2. Composite Decking

What does composite decking bring to the table? Composite has been recently introduced as a decking material. Despite that, it combines aesthetics and performance. This explains why it’s the best alternative to pure wood decking. It consists of a myriad of materials such as vinyl, wood, and other recyclable materials.

If we compare wood decking to composite decking, composite lasts longer. It’s more resistant to the sun and rain than other materials.

Here at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we install Trex composite decking. We use materials from Trex since they’re very established. But not just that, Trex composite decking resists spills. That way, you’ll be able to grill and dine with your loved ones without worrying about permanent stains.

Learn more about our quality composite decking services.

3. Pressure-Treated Lumber Decking

Pressure-treated lumber decks are common. They’re ideal for outdoor spaces since they last longer. Companies manufacture this decking by putting lumber in a chamber and incorporating chemicals into the wood. The reason lumber decking is pressure treated is to prevent it from rotting and insect infestation.

Another advantage of choosing these types of deck materials is that they’re cost-effective. You pay about $20 per square foot for installation. Since this material is wood, it’ll fade and discolor. To increase their strength and maintain appearance, they need to be treated regularly.

4. Vinyl Decking

You’ll love the fact that vinyl decking resists warping and cracking. The total opposite of wood decking, you won’t have to treat vinyl regularly to preserve it. There’s no better material that offers a high return on investment than vinyl.

Versatile, vinyl decking features various colors and patterns. It also mimics the look of wood which means that it can take on a modern, rustic, or traditional appearance. Ask your installer if they work with a manufacturer that offers great options.

5. Aluminum Decking

Want an indestructible decking? Out of the previous types of decks we discussed, aluminum wins. Being a rigid material, it’s very less likely to sag. You can count on aluminum to stay watertight.

If you’ll go barbecuing on an aluminum deck, it won’t burn. Find a manufacturer that offers many color choices. Expect that fewer repairs and maintenance tasks will be made.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Decking

Have you decided on the material for your decking project? Before you get started, ask yourself these important questions. The list below gives you more things to think about so you can maximize your deck:

1. What will you use the decking for?

Will you mainly use your deck for surrounding the pool? Dining? Just relaxing? The main purpose of your deck will affect its size and shape.

For example, a decking that accommodates more people since it’s used for dining will need more space. If you’ll add a round table, you’ll need an overlook deck design – not a rectangular one.

2. Is the deck going to be exposed to the sun or is it under the shade?

The presence of the sun and shade are factors you should think about. If it’s going to get much sun exposure, you might want to add some shade. This keeps the decking material from fading fast. Also, speak with your contractor about maintenance and warranty for fading and staining.

3. Should you do it yourself or hire a licensed contractor?

Decking projects should always be handled by a contractor. A lot of things can go wrong in tackling a DIY decking project.

For example, you picked the wrong fasteners or got pre-formed deck footings instead of digging footing holes. These mistakes make you end up spending more money on replacements and reconstructions.

4. Will you add some decking furniture?

When it comes to outdoor furniture, know what you want. Here are things to think about:

  • Style and color – How would you like bright and bold hues to match your natural brown decking? Does a rattan set with cushions appeal to you? Or do you prefer composite furniture to match your composite deck?

  • Storage – Be delighted in the fact that decks give you an extra storage space. “Under the deck” storage accommodates larger and more items like outdoor gardening equipment. Another way to store items in the deck is to get furniture with built-in storage space underneath the cushions.

5. Do you have time for maintenance?

What you add to your deck determines how much time you spend for maintenance. For example, decorating the deck with beautiful but high-maintenance plants. Better yet, go for easy-to-care and heat-tolerant plants like bamboo and pentas.

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Final Thoughts

Ready to build a deck today? Hopefully the types of deck materials and more considerations we discussed help you make the best choice. Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice.

At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we install decking for New Haven, Fairfield County, and nearby areas. Speak with our professionals today at (203) 678-9891.