Every Branford CT residential property was built to last. Unfortunately, even the most resilient roofs will face extreme weather, temperature changes, and other factors that will reduce its protective capability and entire lifespan.

You’ll need to have a roofing contractor to help you deal with this situation, and finding the right one means you know all the things to ask when getting roofing quotes.

Indeed, if you have a set of interview questions for roofers, you can find the best ones in your location. You’ll want to ask them about things to consider when replacing a roof in your Branford CT home.

Additionally, the questions will help you understand all responsibilities involve in getting a new roof what to expect, and how much the costs will be.

A Complete List of Things to Ask Roofing Service Prospects

  1. How long have they been in the industry
  2. Check their roof construction license
  3. See if they have work bonds in case of work absence or abandonment (+12 more questions)

How Long Have You Been Servicing Roofs in Branford CT?

Indeed, this is a crucial question to ask any roofer. Years of experience validates the roof construction and development knowledge they’ve acquired through each project.

The answer you’d like to hear is if they have at least 10 years of experience working in the industry. The answer becomes much better if everyone in the team has the same number of years working together.

A tight-knit roofing team knows their strengths and weaknesses, which helps them maximize their work capabilities.

Can You Provide Me a Copy of Your License?

Next in your hiring a roofer checklist is asking your prospect roofer for their roofing development licenses. In Branford CT and other areas, contractors receive their license from a state agency.

A license guarantees your prospect contractor shows knowledge and ability in providing excellent roofing services. In addition, their license shows their adherence to building codes, proof of insurance, and they provide clients work bonds.

In fact, you can call state agencies and bypass asking the contractor regarding their construction license during your prospect research phase.

Will You Give Me a Bond In Case You Skip Out On Work?

In some cases, even professional roofing contractors may have to call a rain check on projects due to emergencies. However, clients can always agree to a construction re-schedule. During a worst case scenario where a roofing contractor completely bails out, the homeowner’s project is left pending for completion.

In fact, finding a roofer to complete a half-finished job can be difficult. Therefore, having a labor or contractor bond is definitely important.

Some states refer to this as surety bonds and require them for all roofers before issuing their licenses. These bonds trigger when:

  • The roofer fails to complete the work
  • The contractor fails to pay the team
  • Or fails to get a roof construction permit and other necessary city or county bills
  • The project causes severe property damage

True enough, you’ll want surety bonds to be part of your list on “what to look for in a roofer.”

How Will You Protect My Property From Possible Construction Damages?

To prevent triggering contractor-costly surety bonds and liability insurance, your roofers have to protect your property. Reputable ones will make it a priority to shield your lawn with tarpaulins, move roof proximity objects out of the way, and always take all measures that guarantee safety in the workplace.

Tearing off roofs involves plenty of debris and refuse material. Therefore, property safety is a question you’ll want to see included in your list of “what to look for in a roofing estimate.”

Can You Supply Resources?

In most roofing quotes, you’ll see a roofing materials estimate inclusive of the contractor’s labor fees. However, it pays to clear with your contractor whether they will handle the supply purchases and bill you later or you need to find your own resources.

In case of the latter, most contractors have reliable connections that may give you a discount for buying your supplies from them. However, you will have to do your own research and budgeting if you’re the one to buy the materials — or insist in doing so.

How Do You Handle a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Next in your list of questions to ask when getting a roof estimate, you’ll want to know if labor and material warranties are available to you.

Manufacturer’s warranties vary greatly depending on the material. For example, an asphalt shingle roof will have a shorter manufacturer’s warranty than a metal roof.

For labor warranties, you’ll want to hear your contractor saying they provide about one year of labor guarantee. If they go further than one year, the better.

How High Will The Cost of Tearing Off and Replacing The Old Roof Be?

One of the most important things to ask when getting roofing quotes is the cost of each roofing service. Most roofing contractors charge for all their services by the hour. Alternatively, some roofers charge per square of roofing material.

Therefore, you can have higher labor costs for roof tear-offs and reconstruction than a simple asphalt shingle repair if you’re working with a by-the-hour contractor.

Because they’re charging by square foot of your home, finding a by-the-square contractor can lower the charges of tear-off and reconstruction services.

Will You Bring Garbage Containers To The Site?

It might seem menial, but roof construction sites do not need to look too dilapidated. Therefore, this question remains one of the most important things to ask when getting roofing quotes.

Proper garbage disposal is possibly a requirement of your local development authorities too, so it pays to know about it.

Will You Have a Contact Person On Site At All Times?

This question is one of the most important things to ask when getting roofing quotes.

A contact person helps you voice out any concern you might have during the roofing process. In some cases, homeowners might find the roofing project a bit destructive especially in the case of tear-offs. A point person alleviates these concerns with clear answers that can give the homeowner peace of mind.

Furthermore, design changes, homeowner-known roof weak points, and other subjects are something clients may voice out during the process. Indeed, contact persons must keep these in mind when the roofing procedures go full throttle.

What Is Your Gutter Method Protection When Accessing The Roof?

Ladder stabilizers allow these climbing tools to rest against the house without touching the gutters. True enough, gutters will dislodge under immense pressure.

The stabilizers are arm-like attachments that allow the ladder to use the side of the roof or wall of the house. All professional roofing companies have this particular tool.

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a roofing professional working near the gutter system

Roofing contractors must use ladder stabilizers to prevent possible damage when working on roof edges.

Can I Have a Physical Address and Phone Number?

One of the most important yet basic things to ask when getting roofing quotes is your roofer’s physical address and phone number.

Validating your prospect’s information from authorities and having a contact line and location to voice any concern you might have during the project is definitely important. Therefore, an answer to this question is imperative in all cases.

Is It Possible to Work On My Roof While It’s Snowing Or Raining?

Any contractor who answers “yes” is definitely unprofessional. The answer you’d like to hear is “no” followed by their inclement weather protocol.

Professional roofing contractors can provide extensive tarpaulin coverings for the property in case of heavy rain or snow. However, these inclement weather protocols vary from every roofer, so it pays to have them this important question from the things to ask when getting roofing quotes in Branford CT.

In fact, ask them about their project preservation during prolonged rainy days.

How Much Are Roof Deck Replacement Parts When Needed?

One of the questions to ask when getting a roof estimate is to know how much will roof deck replacement parts cost.

Most roofers can give you a straightforward answer. Most roof decks are made of plywood sheet, which costs about a dollar per sheet from most suppliers. Having the contractor’s answer to this question helps both sides prevent disputes about inflated plywood sheet costs.

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contractors working on the roof ridge

Roof deck replacements shouldn’t be too costly. Most suppliers sell plywoods for decking at $1 a sheet.

Do You Have Workman’s Compensation For Your Employees?

Lastly, workplace accidents have a high risk of happening in any construction project. However, you share the responsibility of owning the worksite.

A workman’s compensation shows the contractor is entirely responsible for anything that happens to their roofers in all cases. Therefore, it pays to know about it early before signing your work contract with them.

roofing contractors finishing a roofing installation task

Workman’s compensation guarantees benefits for builders who might face any untoward incident when rendering roof services.

Wrapping Up

Finding a reputable roofer can be a monumental task. However, by asking these questions, you can narrow down your prospects to a handful you can definitely rely on fully improving the condition of your roof.

If you have yet to find any good roofing contractor, you can call on Amity Home Maintenance Solutions for all your roofing needs. With decades of experience serving local homes, we are confident in providing the best roofing services you may need.