Window Replacement Services in Branford, CT


When you choose Amity Home Maintenance Solutions for your replacement window services, you can expect to learn about our variety of aesthetic options and styles to simplify your decision.  Our goal is to provide you with both functional and aesthetic replacement windows with the following features and benefits:

  • Eliminate water or air infiltration from entering your residence.
  • Maintain constant indoor temperature thus improving energy-efficiency.
  • Increase natural light exposure.
  • Boost the aesthetic appeal of the interior and exterior of your residence.
  • Increase the value of your residence.

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is your simplified source when considering a complete window replacement project, or simple repair.  Please feel free to contact us at (203) 678-9890. to learn more about our simplified process to address your window SOLUTIONS!



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We Work Closely With Trusted Manufacturers

A lot of times, it’s tempting to choose windows based on price alone. You save money not by going for the cheapest materials but by opting for the best quality. This ensures that your windows will last for generations with minimal maintenance.

Our company uses the best windows from the following brands:

Integrity Line-Wood-Ultrex Line


Whatever window designs you have in mind, Marvin can turn them into reality. Their windows come in various styles – double hung, single hung, casement, awning, specialty, and more. You can also have windows that allow you to have a complete view of your beautiful landscape.

200/400 series-fiberglass-composite


One of the best things about Andersen is the freedom to design your very own windows. You decide your exact window patterns, colors, and glass options. Andersen assures you that their window materials are built to withstand extreme weather.

Reflections 5500 series


Qualities like noise-reduction, durability, security, and high energy performance make Simonton windows an attractive choice for Connecticut homes. Simonton offers different grid styles, patterns, locks, and finishes that meet your safety, comfort, and design needs.

harvey building products logo

Classic Vinyl and Tribune Series


If you’re looking for custom-made windows, Harvey windows are a smart choice. Designed in modern facilities in the United States, each product is proven to reduce sound transmission, save more energy, and resist impact. We’ll help you pick the perfect window.

Impervia-250/350 series


At Pella, our vision of quality is clearly defined by our consistent focus on new product innovation and our commitment to customer satisfaction.  We conduct rigorous testing procedures to ensure our products will perform by design, and that our customers learn about our quality control measures. We are confident that our customers will experience our quality and product innovation during the installation of their new windows and doors. Our reputation is built on exceptional quality and as leaders of product innovation we continuously challenge ourselves to raise the bar to be leaders in technology and product innovation.

Why Select Amity Home Maintenance Solutions For Your Window Services?

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions works with you in a no pressure one sit close consultation to explore the material, size, and model options that best fit your budget. Before you make a final decision, we review and explain in detail your proposed window selections, removal and installation process, and most important the manufacturer and our labor warranty!

Honest assessment

You need pros to identify signs that your windows need repairing or replacing. Sometimes window problems are limited to aesthetics and sometimes they indicate serious damage.

Expert advice

Having worked on multiple window projects, we can help you decide the best windows that match your home. We understand that the choice of windows vary depending on the area where they’re installed and the homeowner’s personal preference.

Financing options

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions offers one call consumer financing options, offering unsecured loans up to $35,000. Feel free to obtain pre-qualification via my website, or we can schedule a free consultation to discuss various finance options designed to fit your specific project. Whether you have a small or large size project, we can obtain pre-verification in a timely fashion

If you want more information about our window services or a quote, get in touch today: (203) 390-7399.