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At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we focus on the life span of your roof, let us utilize our vast roofing experiences to help find a SOLUTION to your problem! We repair various roofing problems related to the following: leaks, cracks, cupping, storm damage, discoloration, granule loss and also skylight repairs.

Let us evaluate and perform our recommended roofing services to address your current or future roofing problems. It doesn’t matter what the nature of your roofing issue is, if your roof is beyond repair our professional staff will advise you with full system replacement options utilizing the industry best building materials along with material & workmanship warranty options.

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Our asphalt, shake, and slate roofing shingles are supplied from the following manufacturers:

Timberland HD/Timberland Ultra HD

Landmark/Landmark Pro

Oakridge/Duration/Duration Designer Lines

Single width-Bellaforte

Roofing Issues to Look for

Your roof may be crying for help but you don’t know it. In order for you to know that you need roofing services, first identify common signs of damage. Take note that damage is caused by different reasons: Old age, poor workmanship, storms, daily weather, lack of maintenance, etc.

Curled or buckled shingles

Curled shingles can occur from aging, moisture, and excessive heat, whereas buckling is typically a result of poor application.  Shingles that have experienced curling or buckling are vulnerable to wind or ice damage creating shingle separation loss. We also inspect your attic space to identify air temperature and current ventilation status.

Water stain issues on walls and ceilings

The most obvious indicator of roof damage is water infiltration entering your home. Depending on the nature of your water infiltration, water can be present in your ceiling or walls and sometimes travel to both areas.  Our team of dedicated roof inspection professionals will identify your potential water infiltration areas and provide you with a detailed SOLUTION.

Moss and algae concerns

Moss and algae are typically an aesthetic eyesore, whereas algae are harmless but overtime moss exposure will retain moisture on the surface of your roof shingles causing deterioration. Amity Home Maintenance Solutions utilizes eco-friendly safe roof cleaning products manufactured by utilizing unique formulations omitting the use of harmful chemicals.

Why Homeowners Trust Our Roofing Services

It’s simple, homeowners in Connecticut choose Amity Home Maintenance Solutions for their asphalt shingle roofing projects based on three criteria.

Warranty Protection

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions strongly believes in partnering with industry leading building product manufacturers to provide Peace of Mind materials and workmanship warranty coverage to protect your roof investment.  Our philosophy is to provide our customers with a 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed experience utilizing our simplified interpretation approach outlining the specific warranty coverages and also register their project onsite upon completion.

Factory certified professionals

As factory certified contractors, we provide exclusive extended materials and workmanship warranties to ensure your roof is protected while you reside at or decide to sell your home.  You can rest assure that your roofing project will be installed according to manufacturers specifications utilizing like products from our industry leading roofing manufacturer partners.

Industry leading & trusted brand roofing materials

For over 35 years we have experienced working with reputable roofing manufacturer partners such as: GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed.  We are 110% confident that our industry leading and trusted brand roofing materials manufacturer partnerships support our customers looking for a new roof and seamless customer experience.

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is looking forward to helping you achieve a strong and beautiful home. Need roofing services? Call us at (203) 390-7399 to get your estimate.