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Amity Home Maintenance Solutions provides comprehensive gutter installation and repair services for homeowners seeking high quality and their Job Done Right!   We offer seamless aluminum, copper gutters, and also custom design gutter systems that are functional and aesthetically pleasing enhancing your roof and home’s characteristics.  Amity only installs trusted industry leading seamless gutter suppliers like Englert who have pioneered seamless gutters for more than 50 years.  Learn more about their features and benefits:

Englert is one of the nation’s largest and oldest producers of k-style aluminum gutter coil and accessories. Englert’s k-style gutter is available in two popular sizes sizes, 5” and 6” and downspouts are 2” x 3” and 3” x 4”.

Englert produces and paints all of its k-style gutter coil, downspouts, elbows and nearly 30 other accessories at their company owned manufacturing facilities, ensuring the customer of a consistency of color and product quality no matter when the product is manufactured. Englert offers 16 different colors and material gauges to choose from available in .025, .027 and 032 aluminum. Their unique CastleClad Finish resists dirt adhesion, prevents unsightly peeling, has greater color retention ability than other products and is easy to clean and moisture resistant.

Gutter Finish Warranty

Englert offers a 20-year limited finish warranty on all gutter material installed by Amity Home Maintenance Solutions in accordance with Englert specifications and maintenance instructions with the understanding that your gutters will not blister, flake, chip, crack, peel, split, rot, red rust or structurally deteriorate as a direct result of manufacturing defects.

For that reason, call Amity Home Maintenance Solutions at (203) 678-9890.. Our team specializes in gutter repairs in New Haven, Fairfield County, and nearby locations.



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When you hire the GUTTER EXPERTS at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions for your gutter replacement or repair project, our extensive experience (over 35 years) simplifies the process helping you choose a gutter system or repair that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.  We initially conduct a complete assessment of your existing gutter system to identify three important criteria:

1) Are the gutters and downspouts free-flowing (clogged)

2) Are the gutters sized correctly, properly pitched, and outlet locations

3) Gutter hangers and fastener types appropriate for fascia and roof type.

Working with Amity Home Maintenance Solutions means that you enjoy a transparent and streamlined customer experience on your next gutter replacement or repair project

Gutter Protection at Your Fingertips

Truth is, homeowners can always avoid early gutter repairs and replacements. But how? Amity Home Maintenance Solutions installs the Englert MicroGuard Leaf Protection. This durable gutter screen comes in 3 configurations to match your gutters and roofing system.

Features and advantages of the Englert gutter screen:

  • Uses a micro-filtration technology

  • Ensures clear water flowing through the gutters

  • Keeps out even the tiniest debris

  • Remains invisible from the street

  • Fast installation process

  • Resists harsh weather

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