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Exterior Trim Services in Branford, CT


Cellular PVC trim products have emerged over the last decades featuring lifetime low maintenance care and warranty coverage.  Other benefits include dimensional stability characteristics that protect your trim from cupping, warping, splitting and insect infestation.  PVC trim products are quite versatile and can be routed like wood or even contoured utilizing heat applied equipment to match or create unique complex shapes or designs.  We also offer vinyl trim to match or enhance your existing trim along with composite trim which has gained traction in the industry offering homeowners an alternative low maintenance trim option.

At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions our installers understand and apply their best practices experience to assure your trim project will meet or exceed manufacturers recommended installation guidelines. We don’t promote short cuts or incorrect fasteners or fastening methods to increase production on your job! Call us today to learn more about how our trim products offerings and services will provide your home with true aesthetic curb appeal and greatly reduce your periodic maintenance.



We Repair or Replace Rot-Damaged Trim

At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions our highly trained carpenters can repair or replace your cracked or moisture infiltrated existing wood trim products and moldings.  Once the repair or replacement is completed, our painters will match the existing color utilizing either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams products.

If your home was built in 1995 or earlier, it’s almost certain it’s time to repair or replace your pine trim and moldings.

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions’ exterior trim repair services entail the following:

Refastening of loose trim and moldings

Sealing of cracks or holes using wood filler

Replace deteriorated or damaged trim and moldings

Priming and painting

Why Choose Amity for Your Exterior Trim Services?

Choosing the right contractor for your exterior trim repair or replacement services can be very time consuming and a nuisance. We pay close attention to detail and assist you in recommending the best suitable trim products options for your home. We look forward to hearing from you on your next trim repair or replacement project.

At Amity we partnered with the industry leading trusted brands of exterior trim products listed below:

Certainteed Restoration (PVC trim/accessories) InvisiPro™ Hidden Fastening System


PVC trim materials from CertainTeed avoid problems associated with traditional wood. These trim products come in a variety of shapes and colors that match your windows, roof shingles, and siding. We can guide you through the selection process. All PVC trim materials from CertainTeed are maintenance-free.


Boral TruExterior® Trim

Moisture-resistant and rot-resistant trim from Boral TruExterior is achieved after combining bio-based polymer and fly-ash. Aside from these durability features, you can paint Boral TruExterior® Trim with any color you like.

Need more information about our exterior trim services or want a quote? Get in touch with us at (203) 390-7399.