Roof Storm Damage Repairs

When Severe Weather Strikes

Severe weather can strike in an instant, stirring up strong winds, driving rain, and in the worst cases, pounding hail. All of these elements can wreak major havoc on your roof, leaving your roof and home vulnerable to further damages. When your home has sustained roof damage from a severe storm, it is time to call in professional roofers to help you with roof storm damage repair. There is no one more trusted for roofing and home improvement services in Branford, CT or the surrounding area than the team at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions. We have dedicated our lives to serving our community with excellent service that leaves our clients 110% satisfied. Our phones are always on us, so when severe weather strikes and your home is need of help, we are only a phone call away. You can reach us at 203-390-7399.

Signs of Damage

Your roof works hard to ensure that your home is protected 365 days out of the year. On a normal day, your roof battles the scorching sun, wind carrying debris, and the changes of temperature. Severe weather brings out the worst of mother nature, as wind, rain, and hail begins to pound away at your roof. It is highly recommended that you get your roof inspected after every severe storm, in order to ensure that your roof isn’t in need of a roof storm damage repair.

Understanding the causes of roof damage and also the signs, will not only enable you to do an inspection yourself but also make your decisions as a homeowner more confident when it comes to your roof.

Damaged and Missing Shingles

When you are doing a self-inspection of your home after a severe storm, it is important to take time to examine your roof for missing shingles. Shingles often time get dislodged by harsh winds and by taking hard hits from hail or debris. You will be able to tell that your roof is missing shingles by one of two ways, either there will be bald spots on your roof or you will notice scattered shingles in your yard.

It is important to get missing shingles replaced immediately, as the bald spaces in your roof are vulnerable to leaks and holes being punched into them by hail and debris. A team of expert roofers, such as Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, will be able to replace your missing shingles or offer a full roof replacement, if the roof damage is more extensive.


Leaks are a common occurrence after severe weather, and it is caused by water becoming trapped under damaged shingles or pooling up on weakened parts of your roof from damaged flashing or a clogged gutter. It is essential to get leaks repaired in order to prevent further water damage to your home or possessions.

Leaks are generally pretty easy to spot, as the signs can be staining of the walls, water dripping from the ceiling, or if it has gone on unnoticed for long enough, mold forming on the top of the walls and ceiling. If you have mold, then it is important to not only get the roof fixed but the mold taken care of as well, as mold can cause illnesses and be a trigger for asthmatics.

Tree Damage

Typically, when storm damage is reported on the news, it is always about a tree falling on someone’s roof. While a whole tree falling is not a common problem, trees can still cause some major damage to your roof during a storm. Make sure that large trees have their limbs cut back away from your roof, as branches scraping against the top can cause damage to the material, puncture holes if the hits are repeated enough, and rip off shingles. It is also a good rule of thumb to make sure that all plants are planted at least 5 five feet.

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