Roof Flashing Repair

Repairs and Replacements

Roof flashing materials such as aluminum, copper, and or lead will eventually erode from long term weather exposure. Incorrect installation practices will also reduce the life span of roof flashings. When it comes to roof flashing repair or replacement, we provide over 40 years of industry experience to make it RIGHT! With our commitment to utilizing the best materials and techniques in the industry, our goal is to simplify and create a transparent customer experience. Please contact Joe today at 203-390-7399 to briefly discuss your flashing repair or replacement needs.

Types of Roof Flashing

Our services cover repairs and installations of numerous types of roof flashing, so we can provide better protection for your roof. If you’ve had trouble with flashing leaks, it could be that your flashing is in need of repairs. Here are the common types of flashing found on homes and how each one protects your home:

  • Chimney Flashing – Protects the exposed area of where your chimney meets the roof
  • Continuous Flashing – Protects the joint where your roof meets a vertical wall
  • Drip Edges – Stops water from infiltrating underneath the roof at the eaves and rakes
  • Skylight Flashing – Protects the skylight and roof from potential leaks by trapped water in the groove where they meet
  • Step Flashing – Protects the seam of the roof that meets the side walls
  • Valley Flashing – Guards the valley where the planes of the roof meet
  • Vent Pipe Flashing – Vent pipe flashing is cone-shaped with a flange at the bottom

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Is your roof flashing in need or repair or you are searching for a team that installs roof flashing onto your home? If you live in Branford, CT and are looking for home improvement specialists, then turn to the team at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions.

In addition, we are your local roof leak experts, gutter specialists, window leaks specialists, and exterior envelope leak specialists. Call Joe today at 203-390-7399 to schedule a Service call to detect and provide the RIGHT SOLUTION.

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