Painting Services

The Power of Fresh Paint

There is an old saying that if you are trying to sell your house, and you want it to sell faster, then you need to paint it yellow. While we are not sure whether that works fully are not, we do know that a new paint will transform the look of your house. Around the Branford, CT area, no one performs better painting services than your professional home maintenance team at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions. Our keen eye for detail and precision makes for a clean and immaculate finish, which will leave your home the envy of the neighborhood. If you are ready for paint services and would like a free estimate, call us today at 203-390-7399.

Benefits of a Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you are planning on painting the exterior for all of your neighbors to see or painting the inside to help transform the look of a room, your home will gain many wonderful benefits from a professional paint job.

A Fresh Look

Besides updating the look of your home, a fresh paint of coat can grab the attention of potential buyers and even add to your home’s value, if you are planning to sell. If you are just looking to update your home, a new look can leave you at ease, or if you use cooler colors, can even help reduce stress.

Protection and Added Longevity

Paint acts as a shield for your walls and the exterior of your home. For an interior job, the paint protects your walls from dirt and covers up cosmetic flaws. For bathrooms, it guards against the build up of mold. During the painting process it can help tell a maintenance professional, such as ourselves, if there is a hidden problem in your home’s structure.

The exterior of your home takes on a lot of wear and tear from mother nature, with her most effective tools being damage from storms that bring on heavy rain, sleet, and hail. A new paint job can help secure the siding of your home, giving it a protective layer to help prevent damage. Also, some paints have a high reflective property, protecting your home from sun damage and fading. It also guards against water damage from moisture and the potential growth of mold on wood siding.

Financing Options

One of the main concerns we hear from our new clients when they begin to search for an exterior or interior painting service is the cost. You shouldn’t have to feel like you cannot get the proper repairs for your home because your budget is tight. No matter your financial situation, Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is committed to working with you to help you get the right financing for repairs. We understand that a lower price-tag from other companies might look promising, but trust us, you want to find a company that knows what they are doing, so you do not have to pay for costly repairs. You want someone who will work with you, not just take your money.

Need A Professional Team?

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is built on a passion for serving the client as a human being, not as a sale. This is why we have worked hard to make sure we are partnered up with the best brands, use only the best techniques, and make each service unique to our client. We understand that everyone has their own specific needs, and we want answer those needs. If you are looking for a team that leaves you without a doubt that they have your back, then call us today at 203-390-7399. We are here for all of your home maintenance solutions in the Branford, CT area.

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