Interested in the meaning of front door colors? While unassuming in their significance, front doors are actually the focal point of your home exterior.

In fact, they are not just expensive because they are durable and have a long lifespan. Beautiful front doors, especially double doors, can cost as much as a new roofing installation.

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In this light, the color of your front door has its respective meaning. What does it say about you?

If you’re using any one of these colors or have yet to choose your new door, check out each meaning of front door colors below.


Gray is a mix of black and white. In some cases, it reflects indecisiveness because black and white are opposing colors and gray is a middle ground.

In a design context for the meaning of front door colors, gray is a sign of subtlety and style. Instead of appearing uptight and harsh, gray introduces a subliminal authority from someone with full confidence in him or herself.

meaning of front door colors

Yellow doors signify individualism, light-heartedness, and optimism.


You won’t always see a yellow front door in most homes, but if you do, then you might assume the owner has a unique taste for exterior design.

However, yellow is bright and charming. Looking into the meaning of front door colors, yellow shows the optimism, extroversion, charm, and level of humor the owner possesses.

Additionally, it shows the strong individualistic perspective and will of the inhabitants of the property.


Even if you just see most photos of the era in black and white, many properties in the 20s-50s had pink doors. Often, homeowners paired these doors to cream or beige walls.

They achieved an aesthetic of classic style and appeal.

Pink achieves the same subtlety and style as gray front doors. On the contrary, homeowners of pink front doors are more adventurous and less stiff if you compare them with gray front door homeowners.

Light Blue

Choosing a light blue front door color shows you have style. In addition, you appreciate the beauty of Mediterranean color motifs especially seaside-based properties.

Light blue is a calming color that allows you to contemplate and appreciate things that make you happy. It is also possible you have a longing to lounge around a beach or swimming pool.

In all cases, it indicates you are cool, collected, and extremely patient.

a green arched wooden door entrance

Green doors show your subtle sophistication and an understanding of traditional styling.


Considering the meaning of front door colors, orange-door homeowners are likely close friends with pink and yellow-door homeowners because of their unique but stylish personality.

Orange is not subtle. It will stand out and grab attention. However, passers-by will remain more curious about yellow front door homeowners if you compare the attention both receive.

Additionally, this color is aesthetically challenging. Using it will either show the homeowner’s lack of or complete understanding of style.

This is one reason why orange-colored front doors are the most affordable. Therefore, orange door homeowners have either impeccable tastes or a complete lack thereof.


Green is a color of luxury. It indicates an appreciation for the uncommon and a complete knowledge of style.

This color exudes confidence with a welcoming attitude. Homeowners show the warmth and beauty of their personality while remaining at peace with every strength and weakness they posses.

People who pass by green-colored front doors will find themselves nostalgic for some reason. Autumn often makes the environmental aesthetic greener, and they probably have good memories during the time.

a red front door with two elegant door lights

Red will always symbolize passion, and homeowners of red front doors will always indicate this.


Subtlety and an understanding of color motifs always indicates sophistication and purple is no exception. On the meaning of front door colors, purple shows the homeowner’s artistic confidence.

They exude this personality better by pairing their purple doors with accents and motifs of sidings. Even their choice of roofing material becomes a fine work of art just because of a single, purple door.

However, using purple doors creates an automatic sophisticated distinction for any homeowner. It is through the accents and overall property style they will stand out from the rest.


Light blue front door homeowners are chill and calm. Meanwhile, blue front door homeowners are all about providing this calm and collective thought to their visitors.

Blue is the color of royalty. Additionally, it indicates a taste for traditional things because blue always goes well with wood or cream-colored brick siding.

In any situation, you can trust blue front door homeowners with anything on your mind and they will never judge you.


No one paints their interior walls red because it can make them hungry. In addition, red stimulates activity, but not inspiration.

On the contrary, red front doors indicate the homeowner is a person of action. If they want something, they will do everything to get it.

Despite their fiery passion, red door homeowners have a sense of pride and willfulness that inspires their visitors and passers-by.


Earth colors always exude a person’s taste for tradition and simplicity. Homeowners with brown front doors see themselves simplifying and optimizing their life with their strong de-cluttering habit.

On the meaning of front door colors, brown door homeowners are reliable foundations in their organizations. They have a good definition of what they are and what they want to achieve.

Like the bark of trees, they will grow progressively as their plans unfold and they reach their goals.

a white door on an arched doorway

White is a symbol of purity. It is also symbolic of risk-taking for something worthwhile.


The purest color is also the most impersonal at first glance. However, white door homeowners exude their simple, neat, and organized personality.

In a way, they may seem uncompromising. However, the color white indicates they are willing to take worthwhile risks because maintaining white doors can be quite difficult. If done right however, white doors stand out and improve any aesthetic a property possesses.


Even haunted houses wouldn’t choose black for its front doors. The absence of color makes the passage to your home look like a black hole more powerful than an atom bomb.

Black shows the industrious side of its homeowner. If they have brighter accents, then their black front door acts as an anchor that brings together all the elements of their property.

In this light, homeowners of homes with black doors are those uncommon, serious, yet effective people who get things done better if you compare them to other people.


By knowing the meaning of front door colors, you can style your home exterior to suit your personality best. Each color represents a good idea of who you are and how you appeal to other people.

However, if you’re not sure about property aesthetics, you may need to change either your front door color or the siding. If you’re adamant about the front door color, then you might need to replace your siding or roof in the process.

In all cases, always make sure to work with reputable contractors to express your personality in the best and most efficient way possible.