HAAG Certified Inspector

HAAG Certified Inspector for Commercial and Residential Roofs

If you are looking for a commercial or residential roof inspector, Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is the place to call. As HAAG certified inspectors, we have the skills, knowledge, and qualifications to provide credible and accurate roof inspections. Being a HAAG certified inspector means that our roofers have to have the required experience. This includes having inspected a minimum of 100 residential sloped roofs and inspections for 50 commercial flat roofs. With this type of experience, we are able to offer detailed and reliable residential and commercial roof inspections. To make an appointment with a HAAG certified inspector in Branford, CT, please call us at today at 203-390-7399!

Why Work with a HAAG Certified Inspector?

When a homeowner or business owner is investing in a roof inspection, then need to work with a roofing inspector that has the qualifications and knowledge to provide accurate and detailed inspections. Working with a HAAG certified inspector in Branford, CT ensures you are getting the best roof inspection from a trustworthy source. There are many reasons why property owners should work with HAAG certified inspectors when they need a roof inspection.

Effective Inspections: Because HAAG certified inspectors have to go through rigorous training, as well as inspect a set number of roofing systems in order to obtain their certificate, you can be sure that each inspection is incredibly effective.
More Credibility: Forensic engineers teach courses to people who are training to be HAAG certified inspectors. Because of the knowledge and skills you learned in these types of courses, HAAG certified inspectors are very credible.
Roofing Expert: Whether someone has their commercial roof inspector roof certification, residential roof inspector roof certification, or both, they are knowledgeable in things such as mechanical damage and area calculations pertaining to roofs.
Calling on Amity Home Maintenance Solutions means you are working with a HAAG Certified Inspector in the Branford, CT area. Whether you need a residential or commercial roof inspection, we have the experience and know-how to provide meticulous and error-free roof inspections. Contact us at 203-390-7399 to schedule an appointment. Below are our HAAG Certified Inspector Commercial Roofs and HAAG Certified Inspector Residential Roofs certificates.

HAAG Certified Inspector Commercial Roofs (Download pdf)
HAAG Certified Inspector Residential Roofs (Download pdf)

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