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From Chaos to Calm: Choosing the Right Contractor Makes All the Difference!

Have you ever had a home improvement project turn into a nightmare due to unreliable contractors? Unfortunately, many homeowners have experienced the frustration of dealing with contractors who do shoddy work, lack transparency, and fail to maintain a positive relationship with their clients. If you’ve been through such a situation or want to avoid it in the future, let’s explore why choosing Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is the right choice for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Amity Home Maintenance Solutions?

At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we understand the importance of a strong and trustworthy relationship with homeowners. We’ve heard countless stories from clients who initially had high hopes for their projects, only to be let down by contractors who disappeared after the first 30 days or refused to address issues that arose later on. That’s why we take a different approach—prioritizing communication and customer satisfaction.

The Importance of a Strong Contractor-Homeowner Relationship

Our commitment to transparency and accountability sets us apart from other contractors. When you choose Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, you can expect a clear and detailed contract that outlines every aspect of the project, from timelines to costs to specific work to be done. We don’t believe in surprises or hidden fees. Before starting any work, we conduct a thorough walkthrough with our clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that your vision for the project is fully understood.

One of the biggest concerns homeowners tell us about after these poor experiences is the lack of follow-up and support from contractors once the project is completed. Unlike many contractors who vanish after receiving final payment, we stand by our work and offer a one-year guarantee (extendable to two or three years upon request) for any questions or issues that may arise post-completion. Our dedication to customer satisfaction doesn’t end when the project does—we’re here for you long after the work is done. 

We recently had a customer who thought the skylight we installed a few years ago was leaking – we returned to check it out and in fact, there was a mice issue in the attic and their excrement is what was leaking through the sheetrock and staining the roof. We came to check out the issue and help the homeowner understand what was going on – which they were extremely grateful for.

Our Credentials and Reliability

When it comes to credentials and reliability, Amity Home Maintenance Solutions goes above and beyond. 

We are fully licensed, and our license is active and up to date. We also carry insurance coverage, and we encourage our clients to ask for proof no matter who they talk to about doing a job at their home to ensure peace of mind, especially when it comes to potentially risky tasks – like roof work. Additionally, we participate in the State of Connecticut Home Improvement Guaranty Fund, an extra layer of protection for our clients in case of unforeseen circumstances, and it offers reimbursement of up to $25,000.

If you’re in the middle of a contractor nightmare or afraid to call back the company that you previously dealt with for whatever reason, don’t put off those repairs and improvements any longer! Choosing Amity Home Maintenance Solutions means choosing a partner who values honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction above all else. 

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