Exterior Home Maintenance Solutions Dos & Don’ts

Most homeowners today overlook common current and future exterior maintenance areas when purchasing a home for the first time. In order to enhance your buying experience and also minimize your future out of pocket expenses, below are some basic homeowner guidelines to consider before and during the process of purchasing your new home.  Remember, it all starts at the roof, chimney, siding, trim, windows right down to the foundation.  Unfortunately, your designated Realtor and Home Inspector of choice will often oversee or avoid inaccessible exterior areas of the home.

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When it comes to the exterior of your home, it’s recommended to check for holes, loose nails, and deterioration within your wood siding and associated trim periodically. Yearly maintenance of your home enables you to properly maintain the condition of your home providing you with a sense of security. When you encounter repair and or replacement requirements associated with roofing, siding, decking, exterior painting, windows, gutters, etc., please contact Amity Home Maintenance Solutions to receive a detailed work scope analysis.  Time Is Valuable-Communication Is Key-Solutions Come Easy!

Service Request

We provide product knowledge and services information on our website to assist you with your project from start to finish.  Our customer relationship management platform simplifies our interaction and communication process throughout the whole project.

Service Options

Depending on your project needs and priority level, we offer various service options from inspections, repairs, replacements, and or cleanings for all of your associated exterior building products. Financing options are available when considering full replacement total protection roof systems and our custom siding projects.

Low Maintenance Exterior Care

We highly recommend yearly maintenance of all your exterior products that are constantly exposed to normal and harsh weather elements. You should maintain the aesthetics of your home by utilizing recommended manufacturers cleaning methods appropriate for each designated product.  At Amity, we strongly recommend this process to help extend the products life cycle and utilize materials warranties when applicable.

Hire Amity Home Maintenance Solutions

Acquiring basic knowledge of home exterior building products and applications is available at your fingertips, your friends at Amity will assure your project meets manufacturers specifications applications guidelines. We are Manufacturer Certified installers of Roofing and Siding products which offer you total protection on your next roofing project So trust a Certified professional like Amity when considering your next home exterior project contractor.


 Maintenance Procrastination

Addressing and completing your exterior maintenance repairs and or full replacement projects in a timely fashion will help manage your allocated financial maintenance budget. So, don’t delay maintenance today, be proactive and make it your priority to properly maintain the condition of your home’s exterior to enjoy the aesthetics and extend the life cycles of your building products.

Inferior Quality Building Products

Do not permit a contractor to sell and or install inferior quality building products on your home because you received a low price.  The majority of your project cost is in the labor, therefore the material cost is an overall smaller percentage.  Make certain your products of choice are of high quality from reputable building products manufacturers with applicable labor and material warranties.

Hire Unlicensed & Uninsured Contractors

There are varying levels of cost estimates available when searching for a reputable contractor providing exterior services for your home. Historically, unlicensed and uninsured contractors offer a very inexpensive cost estimate compared to the licensed and fully insured professional contractor.  Protect your home investment, hire Amity Home Maintenance Solutions on your next project.  Time Is Valuable-Communication Is Key-Solutions Come Easy!


When it comes to building materials and home maintenance services, most homeowners focus on the cheapest price rather than the professional contractor with the higher or highest price.  Unlike the professional contractors, the lowest priced contractor either lacks insurance or their insurance isn’t current. In case of unfortunate accidents while contractors are working on your property, the homeowner assumes responsibility for their medical expenses and or wages reimbursement depending on the magnitude of the injury. Please keep in mind, there’s typically a justifiable reason or reasons why the contractor offers the cost LOWEST PRICE!



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