Skylights can do wonders for your Branford homes. However, there are homeowners who may still be hesitant about the idea of installing skylights. For one, they want to know, “do all skylights leak?”

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As with any home improvement and/or roofing project, it’s important to know what you’ll be going to deal with. Apart from the upfront investment, you should have enough idea about what to expect. Well, leaky skylights could prompt a long discussion. There are different factors to look into as well.

Do all skylights leak? Should you get one? Just sit back and relax! Today, we’ll talk about what really causes skylights to leak and what homeowners like you should do about it. This is to help more people come up with a decision if they should or shouldn’t pursue skylight installation. And if they happen to go for it, what do they need to watch out for?

Do You Really Need Skylights?

It’s good to note that skylights add great value to your property. It’s highly functional as well. It lets natural light penetrate the room so that you’ll enjoy more daylight lighting. Other types of skylights serve ventilation purposes particularly for moisture-prone areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

skylight lets in a lot of sunlight in a small apartment

This photo shows how skylights can make a difference even in tiniest spaces as they can illuminate them completely.

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To make skylights advantageous for you and your family, understand first the need for it. This is confusing especially for first-time homeowners. The best way to go is to consult your trusted roofing company. Every home is unique, hence, it should be tailor-fit to what your property requires. Other than the purpose behind it, there are other considerations to make including the positioning, material, so on and so forth. Bottom line, keep yourself informed through industry-based recommendations from a licensed roofer.

Do All Skylights Leak?

Let’s say you’re unsure because you’ve heard about “leaky skylights horror stories” before. It’s actually a good thing to see both the good and bad side of things. It makes you even more aware of how to manage impending issues that may arise. On the flipside, there’s a tendency to veer away from it as you don’t want to experience it yourself.

On skylights mildew forms by inadequate ventilation

Obvious signs of molds in the skylight’s corners due to water damage.

Alright, to set the record straight, here’s what you need to know. Do all skylights leak? Of course, not. However, it’s also possible not because of the skylight itself but due to factors that affect its performance.

To give you a better perspective about skylights, let’s move on to what causes them to leak. If these issues are addressed beforehand, then you won’t have to worry about them as you go along.

Top Culprits of Leaking Skylights

Don’t be afraid to confront skylight issues particularly leakage. In fact, the more you recognize the idea, the more you’ll absorb valuable insights. Skylights don’t necessarily have to leak but for some, this becomes a reality. Let’s find out why…

Poor Installation

If your skylights weren’t attached on to the surface correctly, it can act as an entry point not just of sunlight but of rainwater as well. Even newly installed skylights can immediately show signs of leakage. To avoid inconvenience and costly repairs, hire the most experienced roofers you find locally. Skills and experience go hand in hand along with the right tools to make every skylight installation as a success.

Worker installing a window-type skylight

Installing is extremely crucial as the skylight’s performance depends on it along with other factors like its material, placing, etc.

Existing Roofing Problems

Sometimes, it’s not the skylight that’s entirely at fault. In some reported cases, the problem stems from other parts of the roof. For instance, a damaged flashing could direct water on to the skylights instead of leading it to the proper drainage could cause leakage. Same thing with a damage gutter system that may backflow and lead water to skylights’ openings.

To confirm the reason behind a leaky skylight, go ahead and report it to a licensed local roofing contractor. Upon inspection, they will be able to accurately identify which areas of the roof are causing the leakage. It’s not advisable to speculate as you might come up with wrong assumptions creating more serious problems in the future.

Post-Winter Seasons

Branford residents very well know how summers could get warm and humid. However, during winter seasons, we experience extremely low temperatures, not to mention thick snow. Did you know that the melting snow could also be one of the culprits behind a leaky skylight? Yes, it’s true. Some people think that it’s harmless enough to sit on their roof for a long time but this isn’t the case.

Melting snow could seep through the skylight openings leading to unwanted leaks. If you notice that there’s a good amount of snow on your roof, contact your trusted roofing partner to make sure that it gets shoved off immediately. Also, as a homeowner, don’t attempt to DIY snow removal as it is too risky considering the surrounding’s situation. It could still be wet and slippery during those moments.

Lack of Ample Insulation

Insulation is important as it helps regulate the temperature in your attic. Improper insulation could lead to severe water damages like what we are currently talking about. Yes, it could also cause skylights to leak as parts of the roof where they are attached are prone to corrosion and condensation if there’s not enough insulation. Aside from leaks, damaged areas could also be a breeding ground for molds and fungi.

Final Thoughts

Do all skylights leaks? Well, the truth is that they shouldn’t. However, there are other external factors that could trigger leakage. The things that you should watch out for are identified in this post. There are instances when the problem is not your skylight at all. Sometimes there could be issues with your flashings or maybe it’s the melting snow that penetrates your roof through the skylight openings. If we can leave just one key takeaway, here it goes: Don’t assume. If you feel like your skylights are causing you so much headache, call your local roofing partner. Better yet, schedule roofing inspections regularly in order to prevent issues like this. For your peace of mind, trust a company that has a proven track record in skylight installation and repairs.

Got more questions about skylights? We’re at your service. Reach out to Amity Home Maintenance Solutions’ skylights specialists for further assistance: (203) 678-9891.