Deck Replacement

A deck on a home isn’t just a worthwhile investment for Fourth of July cookouts and summer night barbecues, but it can also help raise the value of your home. This is something important to consider, especially when you’re thinking about selling your home in the future. If you are looking to install or replace a new deck onto your home, or you have been thinking about replacing your old one in Branford, CT, then call Amity Home Maintenance Solutions. Our team of home improvement specialists are high-quality craftsman when it comes to home improvement needs. We use only the best materials to ensure a strong beautiful finish for your new deck, and all materials comes with a hefty warranty to protect it from damages that could harm it in the future. If you are ready for a deck installation or a deck replacement, then call us at 203-390-7399.

Benefits of Deck Replacement

We have already mentioned how installing a new deck onto your home can help increase its value, but there are other benefits to help improve the quality of your home.

Increase The Square Footage

The increase in square footage doesn’t just mean an increase in the home’s overall value but it also means that you have more space for your family to grow. Decks are a wonderful place to build memories with your loved ones, or find a quiet relaxing place to relax while enjoying the most of nature.

A Perfect Investment For Any Home

Compared to other home improvement projects, such as siding or roof repair, adding a new deck to your home is fairly cheap. It adds value to your home without taking much money away from your wallet.

When Should I Get a Deck Replacement?

If you are worried about the integrity of your deck but are not sure whether you should invest in a full deck replacement, then take a quick inspection of your deck and notice if you see any of these signs:

  • Your deck is sitting on rotten wood
  • The structure is shaky, especially the railings
  • Your deck’s ledger boards are not keeping your deck connected to your house
  • The Ledger Flashing is no longer water tight

All of these signs point towards serious structural damage to your deck. In order to protect your family from an incident with a faulty deck, it would be wise to look into a getting a replacement.

Composite Decks

In order to keep to our commitment to providing only the highest quality of work on your home improvement project, we offer only the best composite deck materials from Trex®. Trex® decking materials are available in a majority of styles and provide a durable and low maintenance solution to your decking needs.

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