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Building Trust Through Transparency: The Importance of a Positive Contractor-Homeowner Relationship

Updating a home – having new windows or doors installed, adding some fresh paint, or even updating the home’s exterior can be a lengthy and expensive process. Homeowners are laying out a great deal of money and hoping to receive the kind of work that will result in the dream home they envision. For this reason, there is no more important factor than trust between the homeowner and the contractor hired to do the job. 

It’s not hard to find horror stories of contractor relationships gone wrong. Many homeowners report having a good relationship with a contractor at the beginning of the project, only to have it turn sour later due to escalating costs, delayed work, and a lack of communication. 

In this blog, we’ll examine how best to prevent the type of communication and expectation breakdowns that can harm client-contractor relationships.

The Case of the “Disappearing Contractor”

While the details may vary, a typically negative experience a homeowner will have goes something like this:

The Initial Positive Experience. The homeowner reaches a contractor, who is friendly and confident, seems knowledgeable, and makes big promises. In the beginning, calls are answered or returned promptly, and the homeowner begins to envision a smooth project. The beginning of the project – the first 30 days — may indeed proceed quickly, boosting the homeowner’s confidence.  

Problems Begin to Arise. It may begin slowly: homeowners start to notice defects in the workmanship, or complications that should have been foreseen by an experienced contractor. Perhaps work is beginning to slow down from the robust pace that occurred in the first 30 days. When the homeowner raises the issues with the contractor, his unsatisfactory or opaque response dents the homeowners’ trust. To avoid conflict, the contractor may dodge calls from the homeowner altogether.

Unanswered Messages. At this time, the contractor may become completely unresponsive to calls or messages, choosing instead to avoid the issues raised by the homeowner. In the meantime, the homeowner begins to realize that the timeline established at the beginning of the project is a fantasy and that the trust established previously was misplaced. Customers are left to wonder about the reason for delays or defects.  

Navigating Altercations. Homeowners may choose to raise issues more formally with the contractor. Improperly navigated, these “discussions” can lead to full-scale blowouts that put the entire project and a contractor’s reputation in danger. 

Transparency is the Solution

While not all projects will lead to complete breakdowns, many will have significant and unavoidable issues arise. The best way to preserve the relationship with homeowners is to establish a framework for transparency at the beginning of the project. This plan should emphasize policies and plans, and follow through with all promised communications. 

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