For most people in Branford CT, selecting the best exterior house paint is not a walk in the park. One doesn’t just think about a color and say, “This is what I’ll paint my house with!”

While house painting is definitely an exciting home improvement task, it sure requires careful consideration. At the end of the day, you want to have a home that everyone admires – a home you’ll be 100% proud of.

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is here to guide you through the process of deciding on the best colors for exterior house paint.

How to Choose the Best Exterior House Paint for Your Branford Residence

Finding the right color doesn’t have to be hard! Check out these seven practical tips:

1. Use classic color combinations.

What is the best exterior house paint? It makes perfect sense to look at your entire residential property before you pick a color. Consider your roof, lawn, siding, door, and outdoor furniture. Think about your front door color as well.

A simple way to decide on your paint color is to rely on tried-and-true color combos. For example, if you have a powder blue door, consider a light peach exterior paint. If your roof is colored brown, a green exterior house paint will match it. The rule is to create harmony outside your house by ensuring the right mixture of colors.

Here are some more proven color combinations:

  • Yellow-orange, yellow, yellow-green
  • White, any color
  • Pink, brown, white
  • Light-brown, pale yellow, cream-white
  • All earth tones together
  • Red, golden

2. Make your small house appear bigger.

white wall of home garage

Exterior paint colors impact how people perceive your house. If you like to make it look larger, definitely go for lighter colors.

Got a tiny home? When it comes to making things larger than they really are, colors serve to be very useful. Use the best exterior house paint colors to fool the eye. It’s simple: Go for light colors. Lighter paint colors, especially soft tones, tend to reflect light. The opposite is true for dark paint colors.

Don’t just paint your house with softer tones like pale violet, sky blue, and linen. You can go the extra mile by reducing clutter in the surroundings. Doing this creates more illusion of space.

3. Go for drama and depth or emphasize details.

What if you actually like a dark-colored exterior? Nowadays, more and more homeowners play with colors and want bolder pigments. If you want to dare create a killer impression, dark hues may be right for you. Dark colors can look very beautiful if you have a purpose for choosing them.

One reason to go dark is to draw the eye to other details of your house. For example, if you choose to paint your trim and windows with cream white, a midnight blue exterior paint makes the perfect match. Another scenario for choosing dark paint is to emphasize the beauty of your plants and flowers that surround your house.

4. Consider neighboring houses.

best exterior house paint

Take into account your neighborhood. The trick is to blend in but stand out in a beautiful way.

A common mistake that you might make is opting for a certain exterior house paint without considering other houses near you. That’s not just “selfish,” it’s one way to set yourself up for failure. How so? If you don’t plan your house paint in relation to others, there’s a huge chance your house color clashes against theirs.

Just like choosing a color for your roof, make sure that your paint color blends in with the rest of the neighborhood. At the same time, it should stand out in a positive way. We don’t advise you to exactly copy the paint color of the house next to you. Use a color palette to achieve the best color scheme. Let’s say your neighbor’s house is painted sage green. Yours could be grey, yellow, or lime.

5. Use various shades of a single color.

Sometimes, homeowners who want to have their homes painted want to simplify things. Truth be told, achieving the perfect color combinations can be stressful. If you’re in this situation, you might want to settle with a monochromatic color scheme. This color scheme entails the use of different shades of one color.

Using monochromatic colors makes your designing experience a whole lot easier. To bring out the best results, paint tiny details of your house darker than the rest. For example, if you want the best exterior house paint to be mint, color your window trims with dark sage.

6. Don’t neglect the architectural style of your house.

well maintained Victorian house with blue paint

You can use this Victorian house as inspiration.

Just because the best exterior house paint can be a personal choice, doesn’t mean you take architectural style for granted.

Some homes were designed to look like they’ve been built in the 1900’s while some boast of a modern appearance. That said, consider your paint colors in relation to your home’s character. Doing this makes your house stand out beautifully.

Below are common architectural styles and paint color ideas:

  • Modern house – Bold yellow, pumpkin, cerulean blue, sage, black
  • Victorian house – Grey-blue, beige, tan, plum
  • Georgian house – White, off-white, chocolate, red, manor green
  • A-frame house – Cream, cinnamon, beige, rose, peach
  • European house – Espresso, navy blue, stone brown, cream

7. Increase energy-efficiency with colors that reflect heat.

It’s not enough to choose the best exterior house paint based on aesthetic appeal. If one of your goals is to save more money, consider boosting energy-efficiency. Your roof material of choice is not the only factor that affects your energy bills. Your exterior paint does, too.

The climate in Branford is known to be warm and temperate. To save more energy, go for light-colored exterior paint. Light and neutral shades reflect the heat of the sun. An added benefit of choosing these shades is that you can play with your roofing paint color.

Ask a Professional Contractor for Solid Advice

Isn’t it exciting to finally be able to decide on the best paint for house exterior? If you read until the end of this post, by now you should have at least three paint color ideas. While you plan, don’t forget to ask the advice of professionals.

Here at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we help homeowners complete their exterior home projects. We specialize in exterior painting services in Branford and use the best brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Paints.

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