How to Choose the Best Color for Roof Shingles

Isn’t it fun to be able to decide how your home will look like? If this is your first time to start a home or you just bought one, for sure you look forward to the design process.

While a house has many structures that contribute to its overall appeal, the roof is responsible for the majority of it. Yes, your roofing system makes your home look wonderful – or the opposite – by 40%.

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For this very reason, we prepared a useful guide on roof color choice. Selecting the best color for roof shingles doesn’t only beautify your property. It also helps boost energy savings.

Tips on Choosing the Best Color for Roof Shingles

Consider the following aspects before you decide on a roof color…

1. Your personality

Let’s start with you. When it comes to roof colors, homeowners often think about their favorite hues. There is a lot that a color says about yourself. Here are some colors and their corresponding meanings depending on your personality:

  • Red – Tenacious and determined.
  • Blue – Reliable and sensitive. You like to keep things neat.
  • Yellow – You love finding happiness.
  • Brown – Stability and dependability.
  • Green – Safety and security.
  • White – Sincerity, cleanliness, and a successful beginning.

Choosing the best color for roof shingles that spells Y-O-U matters.

2. Cooling needs of your home

Chalk drawing of house and wordings reduce energy consumption

Lighter colors reflect sunlight. This explains why a light-colored roof helps you save on energy.

Do you want to make your interior temperature cooler? If so, prepare your roof for the warmest months of the year.

To decrease indoor temperature, go for lighter roof colors. Light-colored asphalt shingles reflect the rays of the sun. On the other hand, a dark-colored roof absorbs heat.

Just imagine the benefits of wearing light-colored clothing during summer. The same thing goes for roof shingles.

At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we install reflective roof shingles. Our chosen manufacturers are the best in the industry. They include GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and DaVinci Roofscapes.

3. Energy-efficiency

This point is related to #2. The benefit of achieving a cooler roof through light colors is that you decrease energy costs. Lighter colors reduce the cooling load on your house. It reduces the demand on your air conditioning system, thereby helping you save more each month.

So if you want to save money, choose a white roof. We would then recommend CertainTeed’s LANDMARK® Mist White roof shingles.

While considering color for energy-efficiency, take note that adding insulation also helps. Note that there are other ways to make the roof energy-efficient.

4. Complementary colors

What is the color of your siding, brick, or stone exterior? Deciding on the best color for roof shingles also depends on other features of your home.

First, figure out the color cast of your brick. Got a brownish or gold cast? Choose a warm-colored roof. If you have a grey cast, go for a roof color that includes grey or something cool.

If you want us to install a roof from DaVinci Roofscapes, know that they provide a free color visualizer. Use this tool to help you experiment with color palettes. Hopefully, you can finally choose the best color for roof shingles.

5. Home architectural style

best color for roof shingles

Make your roof shingle color complement your architectural style.

Different homes use different architectural styles. The architectural style of a house usually depends on where it is located. For example, if you visit older towns, you’ll find older architectural styles. Developed places feature modern designs.

Whatever style of your house, there’s a best roof shingle color for that. Here are six ideas to get you started:

  • Dutch Colonial – black, light grey, light brown
  • European – red, tan, copper
  • Contemporary/Modern – dark grey, white
  • Cape Cod – greyish brown
  • French Provincial – bluish grey, light grey, white
  • Wood/Log House – green, brown, black

Take note that regardless of the architectural style of your house, your shingle color of choice should complement the exterior.

6. Blends with your surroundings

One important aspect to consider is how your roof will look together with other structures. Does it complement your patio? The dog house? Your entire neighborhood?

To create cohesion and harmony, think about your surroundings. Unless, of course, you want your house to really stand out. You might want to tour around the neighborhood. Check the roofing systems of other houses.

Remember that blending in doesn’t mean that your house gets lost in a sea of houses. You want the shingle roof color to be just right.

7. Various types of lighting

Don’t rush into choosing the best color for roof shingles. We advise that you look at roof shingle samples in the sun and shade.

Ask for a shingle material sample from your roofing contractor. First, place that sample in a sunny area of your property. See how it looks along with the rest of your house. Next, wait until the afternoon. A roofing color changes depending on the lighting intensity. Be sure to compare.

8. Resale value of your home

signage promoting house for sale

If you believe that you might sell your house in the future, think of the effect your roof color has on its resale value.

Planning to sell your house in the future? You might not have these kinds of plans now. But just imagine yourself as a potential buyer. Upon seeing the house (you live in now), would you love to buy it?

Different people have different opinions. Your roof color preference may not be what others like. In general, houses sell better when the colors are neutral. Pick popular colors – colors that you’re sure everybody likes. Common options are blue, grey, and brown.

9. Size of your home

Would you like your home to look bigger than it actually is? If that’s the case, choose a light-colored roof. Light colors create a larger appearance. Darker colors make something look smaller and more compact.

Final Thoughts

So, have you chosen the best color for roof shingles? Think of these 9 points carefully. At the end of the day, decide according to your goals and priorities. You’re the homeowner – the choice is yours to make.

Lastly, don’t take for granted the most important step. That’s hiring a good roofing contractor. The right roofer will help you make an informed choice.

Here at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we work closely with top shingle roofing manufacturers. This means that we install only the best roofing systems. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your roof design goals – specifically color.

Call our office at (203) 678-9890.. We’ll be happy to tell you more!

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