5 Expert Tips on How to Select a Roofing Contractor

Roofing is a serious investment that needs careful consideration and 100% attention. A single oversight may shorten roofing lifespan resulting in more inconvenience.

Even if you purchase the best materials you can find in the market, but fall short in the installation process, at the end of the day, you will not get what you have paid for. Maximize time and resources by finding a reliable roofing contractor that can deliver quality workmanship.

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Be determined enough to gauge if a specific contractor is capable of handling your needs in accordance with the industry’s highest standards. Address the million-dollar question of “how to select a roofing contractor?” by implementing these simple but very effective steps. 5 Expert Tips on How to Select a Roofing Contractor

Keep in mind that not all roofing contractors are the same. So as a potential client, you have to do a little bit of work prior to the project. Read on to find out 5 proven tips in discerning the right fit for your roofing requirements.

1. Perform a thorough background check

As with any third-party requirement, you need to completely know who you are dealing with to minimize blind spots. Perform a background check to familiarize yourself with a certain person or company. Unearthing important facts are instrumental in validating the contractor’s claims.

Here are some useful preparatory activities you can do in knowing how to select a roofing contractor more efficiently:

Read client reviews

Browse online and see if there are available reviews or comments from their previous or existing clients. This is one of the quickest ways to determine the quality of work that they put in.

Go through their social media pages like LinkedIn or Facebook to view recent projects, or find their names on listings and databases to validate registration.

Ask for references

Get feedback straight from the people they have engaged with. Feel free to ask for concrete proof of their work outputs through references that may add up to their credibility. Get the contact information of their homeowner references and proceed with your background check. Ask a variety of questions ranging from their price point, customer satisfaction levels, up to the overall performance.

Check track record

It takes years of experience to become an expert in any field. Same goes for roofing contractors as they should be able to showcase how well they have performed in their years of existence. Apart from finding out the number of years that they have been operating, you should also be aware of their reputation in the industry.

5 Expert Tips on How to Select a Roofing Contractor

Narrow down your decisions by making sure that you are dealing with a roofer based on your area. Hiring a local contractor is far more beneficial. It is more efficient in terms of accessibility most especially during emergencies. Furthermore, it is also easier to perform a background check if you can visit their registered address.

2. Review licenses and insurance policies

Get proof of their proper licenses as well as the availability of insurance for your own security.

Compliance with guidelines shows the contractor’s professionalism. When everything is covered, you lessen worries and minimize possible added costs due to risks that are all part of the process (injuries, damage to properties, etc.).

3. Ask for multiple proposals

Knowing how to select a roofing contractor is a tedious task. It pays to know the industry benchmark when it comes to the presentation of plans and pricing. If you stick with one proposal, you will lack ample basis for any comparison and negotiations.

All competent roofers acknowledge proposal submission as an initial hiring step. Hence, do not be pressured by entities that demand customers to start a project right away.

4. Know the signals of an impending roofing scam

In an online poll conducted by Angie’s List website, participants cited trouble with roofing contractors in the form of overcharging, lacking licenses, and running away after financial transactions. Due to this ongoing reality, be more aware of scammers that want nothing but your hard-earned money.

There are obvious signs that you should drop negotiations and move on with your search for the rightful contractor. For one, a shady contractor who wants to charge you immediately even in the absence of a written document.Amity Home Maintenance Solutions

Stay away from storm chasers who disguise as local roofers with appealing low rates victimizing customers with such poor and destructive workmanship. They take advantage of recent calamities and get the most out of them by providing roofing services that they are not experts in.

Whenever you are doubtful, go back to the previous tips and do not skip the proposal phase.

5. Inquire about their emergency-response system

A roofer backed with solid experience is aware of the post-installation scenarios that might occur such as unexpected breakdowns, damages, etc. More than knowing what incidents could take place, a credible contractor can lay down action plans even in the pre-hiring stages.Amity Home Maintenance Solutions

Inquire about how fast they can respond to a certain emergency and up to what extent can they provide support. These may be some basic questions and answers between the two parties, but it could impact your decision-making.


Ultimately, you need to prepare and be diligent to be able to know how to select a roofing contractor. Find an entity that will not only fit your requirements but will also deliver high-quality workmanship. It is better to exert a little effort at the onset than to end up with more problems when you fail to hire a professional. Do your research and know your rights as a customer to avoid being scammed.

We are open to further questions on how to select a roofing contractor. For other roofing issues and needs, allow us to address your concerns.

We, at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, treat your house as our own making it our primary commitment to ensure your general safety as well as convenience. We provide a wide array of services that cater to your home maintenance needs (from the roofing to your gutter and other parts of the house). Feel free to give us a call today through (203) 390-7399 or visit our Facebook.

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